“I met Steve when he became my financial planner nearly 20 years ago. As far as I’m concerned, Steve has been my life coach from the beginning too. He has always helped my wife, Jenn and me figure out our goals in life first, and then crafted a financial plan to get us there. Please, don’t expect Steve to always tell you what you want to hear or imply that making important life changes are painless – he delivers brutal and precise honesty designed to elevate your financial and life positions. If you are looking for personal, or professional guidance in life or business, I recommend you work with Steve and experience the life awakening he sent our way.”
Richard B.

“Steve Plewes is one of the finest coaches in America. He is not only passionate about changing people’s lives, but he takes the time and has patience to understand them. He can help you grow your business like you’ve never imagined.”
Taylor S.

“Exceptional coach!! Steve is a true professional!”
AliceAnn L.

“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you are really a lifesaver. Earlier this year the I had really come into a dark place with my job regarding a change of position that was not fully understood. I’m glad I decided to work with you. I had no idea what to expect when I first called but was very hopeful for some true “life” navigation. I now have much better direction in my life and I can thank you for helping me see problems, not as obstacles but opportunities for leadership growth. Now it’s almost like having a GPS right here with me. I now simply think of where I want to go, you help me find the path and click go. It’s so helpful. Thank you for all you do!”
Tanny Crawford

“Steve’s coaching practice is a much-needed gem. He has a passion for both self-improvement and helping others do the same. I’ve worked with several industry-related coaches in the past 20 years, and Steve is as good as they get.”
David B.

“Steve Plewes is the master at helping others realize their dreams. He is one of the most creative people I know. Over 30 years experience in teaching clients while perfecting his business model will help any advisor do more in less time.”
Brian Heckert

2016 MDRT President

“Steve has coached and encouraged me every step of the way since I decided to launch my business in a brand-new market. Not only is Steve a guy who’s been there and done it from a business standpoint, but there’s no denying his passion for wanting to see people do well. I enjoy the way he combines tangible, practical systems while tackling the emotional side of entrepreneurship.”
Bruce Lund

PhD - Founder & Director, 90-Day Manager

“Steve, my successor and I met yesterday and we made a lot of progress, thanks in part to the conversation you and I had several days ago. You helped me know that I needed to frame my goals and intentions for my succession and identify what the runway ahead looks and feels like. So I’ve made some real progress and we’re moving forward. Thank you so much. Your coaching did not fall on deaf ears, and I think we’ll make some progress because of you. Thanks!”
Walton Rogers

2009 MDRT President

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