The top performers in any field are easy to spot as they tend to stand out from the crowd. They make it look easy. You may be one of them or aspire to be. But they are human, so of course, they face challenges, just like everyone else.

Recently, I conducted a survey of a large sample of professionals in a couple of different fields. I asked them to name three areas of their lives where just some improvement would help them make significant progress toward their next-level goals. I received a high percentage of responses, and the results were somewhat surprising. Answering this question required these top-performers to step back from their practices and analyze them from a different angle. They had to ask themselves, “What is preventing me from achieving more?”

Almost everyone mentioned the following areas of life they needed to improve:

Staying motivated to maintain health and fitness
Having more effective systems in place
Managing work flow
Letting go (delegating)
Being better at time management
Communicating their value proposition
Making the time to plan.

And there were plenty of other issues and blocks. One advisor from Minnesota said, “I’m just too comfortable with the current status of my business.” He realized he needed, and wanted, to achieve more, but it was just easier not to. This was weighing on him. The downside of being in your comfort zone, though, is missing out on so much more you could achieve in business and enjoyment in your personal life.

These advisors and professionals are among the top 1 percent in the world, and they’re struggling in these important areas!

My purpose is to help you remove the hurdles holding you back. The next step, of course, is to identify what your hurdles are. What areas of life and work do you struggle with? If you find yourself feeling frustrated because you can’t seem to break through and clear these hurdles, you are not alone.

Coaching can help you remove blocks and overcome
the obstacles to having the business and life you deserve!

Let’s connect and make progress together!

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